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New Fog Thief Labels

Finally! We have new labels for the Fog Thief! These labels will stay on the units and are waterproof! The new labels will begin appearing on units that are orders starting in May.

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Lessons on How to Dress for a Warm Yet Dry Fog Free Day of Snowmobiling Activities

One should always remember in this case… “less is more” when it comes to dressing. Because when involved in snowmobiling it is a strenuous activity that constantly requires standing up, sitting down, squatting position, absorbing the bumps and holding position for a while. Additionally shifting your weight forward and back and pulling up on the

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New Changes to Fogthief

Last year we made some improvements & modifications to the field Fog Thief product. We ended up adjusting the design, by shortening the internal plastic mold which was really excess material. By doing that, we were also able to minimize the silicone mouth guard saving close to 3/8 of an inch, giving plenty of room for

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