Lessons on How to Dress for a Warm Yet Dry Fog Free Day of Snowmobiling Activities

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One should always remember in this case… “less is more” when it comes to dressing. Because when involved in snowmobiling it is a strenuous activity that constantly requires standing up, sitting down, squatting position, absorbing the bumps and holding position for a while. Additionally shifting your weight forward and back and pulling up on the handlebars to navigate and control the snowmobile.

Although the fog thief diverts your internal breath below the lower helmet/chin line that would potentially fog up your helmet visor, sunglasses or regular glasses. It’s also important to properly dress to make sure you’re not over dressing and channeling all your body heat up thru your clothes up to your helmet area. One strategy that has proven well for me is to always use a cotton shirt as your base layer and then a form of neoprene or Under Amour mock turtleneck that has the ability to breathe as well as wick any potential sweat and these come in many layers from thin too heavy duty for colder temps.

The key is to stay away from heavier cottons, sweatshirts or wools that do not breathe and end up channeling the heat up thru your turtleneck. This heat is channeled like a chimney up and into your helmet area which will ad in the additional heat in your helmet which will add additional temperature/moisture which will add additional temperature to your face and head area therefore fogging up despite external apparatuses.

Although it will be cold outside for that day it’s important to wear the proper helmet for the current conditions as well as probably dress and not over dress because that will make the difference on sweating and/or fogging up within your helmet.

Fog thief additionally supports a thin Balaklava that breaths properly and also dissipates the heat and moisture/sweat. The body temperature and heat to absorb that contain it and also prevents the fogging up of your helmet and visor. The simple yet technology of Fog Thief and proper dressing tips will aid in a comfortable day of snowmobiling and hopefully be a fog free day when you do have the fog thief protecting you with clear vision.

Safe riding!!