New Changes to Fogthief

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Last year we made some improvements & modifications to the field Fog Thief product. We ended up adjusting the design, by shortening the internal plastic mold which was really excess material. By doing that, we were also able to minimize the silicone mouth guard saving close to 3/8 of an inch, giving plenty of room for the Fog Thief device to fit comfortably between your chin and mouth to the front of the inside of your helmet.  This ideal for the low profile helmets.

Also, we added a detachable lanyard that has a quick connect built onto it for ease of disconnecting from the lanyard string. This lanyard just adds on the convenience factor and flexibility so that you don’t have to put the product in your jacket therefore people are not more apt to lose it or misplace it. Also, it makes it harder to lose your Fog Thief when the lanyard is around you neck.

We offer multiple colors to either match peoples snowmobiles and/or their outdoor attire. People have shared with us, they appreciate the color options especially when they have accidentally dropped their Fog Thief  in the snow.  It stands out when looking for it. Several people have accidentally run these over with their snowmobiles …. and people that followed them were….to their amazement… able to quickly find them and everything was 100% OK with the FT product. Many snowmobile clubs and rental places have implemented this product because of it sanitary aspects of being able to run hot water through it or microwave for a short amount of time to sterilize it between users or usages and have been pleasantly surprise because it’s another source of revenue for them.