• Overview

    It is a high-grade silicone mouthpiece that is coupled with an engineered breathable set of plastic tubes that is good under all conditions. Like a scuba mouthpiece, it is very small, pliable, lightweight, conformable and comfortable. The Fog Thief device weighs just less than 1 oz., which does not cause any stress to teeth or mouth. It is adaptable to all temperature conditions and altitudes.

  • What does the Fog Thief do?

    Fog Thief fits inside your mouth, just like a snorkel or mouth guard, and directs your moist breath down below your chin, redirecting the breath away from your helmet. This redirection prevents fog from building up and doesn’t require periodic reapplications, unlike what a spray would need.

  • How does it work?

    Insert the Fog thief into the mouth and breathe normally. The 2 plastic discharge outlets are designed to force exhaled breaths down below your chin and helmet. This eliminates condensation and fog build up inside the helmet while in use. The plastic portion was rotationally manufactured and designed to be smooth and not porous, the condensation will drip down and freeze during snowmobiling and extreme temperatures, and will naturally break off because it has nothing to stick too. This nonstick feature was part of the design.

  • What type of helmet can it be used with?

    This product is designed to work with all types of helmets. It was originally invented to alleviate fog build up within your glasses and visor within the helmet while snowmobiling. However, it can be used for numerous other sports including dirt biking riding/racing, motorcycle and ATV riding, car/motorcycle/snowmobile drag racing, paintballing, ski diving, skiing, welding, etc. Certain helmets have a low- profile front. For tight fits, the Fog Thief can be modified with an X-Acto knife and a new zip tie can be applied after the product has been cut down to the correct size to reduce the overall depth of the mouthpiece by a centimeter for a better more comfortable fit.

  • How do you clean it?

    If you are using it frequently – just run it under hot water for 30 seconds to rinse it out between short adventures and usages. To sanitize it, this product was made to be dishwasher safe. This product does not need any special chemicals (chemicals are bad for your eyes and mouth) …just diluted dishwater soap.

  • Can you wear it with glasses?

    This product was designed for people that wear prescription glasses and sunglasses in mind. It will greatly help divert fog from glasses, sunglasses, goggles, and visors while the product is in your mouth and you are breathing normally. If you are wearing a balaclava, you might think of making sure the Fog Thief is part of your gear. It helps push the backlash of your breath down and below your helmet or away, instead of up and filling your helmet and causing the fogging of your glasses or visor.

  • What are the benefits?

    There are many benefits to making Fog Thief part of your everyday sporting gear. Most importantly, it acts as a mouth guard and will protect your teeth and mouth should you have an accident. You don’t have to use chemicals near your face, eyes or mouth when cleaning your visor anymore. You don’t need to treat your visor with over the counter treatments or homemade “anti-fogging” & chemical-based solutions. You are no longer restricted by a built-in electric cord ($$ very expensive and very brittle) to defog your visor within your helmet. Fog thief offers you many stylish color options and its lightweight structure along with the around the neck lanyard for ease. The lanyard will help ensure you never lose the “bright” product in the snow, allowing you to find it quickly should you drop it. Its small, lightweight and compact design makes it fit in your jacket pocket comfortably. Fog Thief is an excellent product. It is made in the USA and has zero hazards. The inventor was written up on “As Seen on TV” and sold out during the initial product introduction. This product allows you to assess current weather conditions for the day. It solves the conundrum of the over-dressing issue if you are overheating, at least you won’t need to worry about your visor fogging up. This product allows you to choose the right helmet for the right conditions so you can use an older style helmet if need be….so don’t throw away your old helmet.

  • Who invented the Fog Thief?

    John Younts is the inventor of the Fog Thief. He is an avid snowmobiler who experienced the same problems as other riders where vision was being impeded from fog. He developed a solution, the Fog Thief, to fix that issue once and for all.

  • Will the Fog Thief fit inside my helmet?

    The Fog Thief was developed to fit inside most modern helmets. However, a few exceptions are out there where the helmet is very tight fitting. Actual measurements will need to be taken in order to find out if the Fog Thief can fit inside your particular helmet. To determine if the Fog Thief will fit inside your helmet, you will need to measure 3/4 inch from your lips to the helmet. This is the bare minimum spacing that the Fog Thief needs.

  • What country manufactures Fog Thief?

    The Fog Thief is manufacturer in the USA!


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