What to Do About Salivation With Your Fog Thief

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There has been one concern about the Fog Thief that the community has been talking about that we would like to address: drooling.

Drooling occurs naturally and unfortunately, there is no way around it. Even swimmers who use snorkels have salivation that they must manage with their devices. As Fog Thief works similarly to a snorkel, it is the same deal.

Unlike a snorkel where you have to blow out the tube on a regular basis, Fog Thief allows the moisture to drain out and below your helmet and on your waterproof jacket. A snorkel can get clogged up with the saliva on a regular basis and requires clearing but the Fog Thief works with gravity to have it exit from the tubes. This means the Fog Thief will not clog up from moisture unless it is below 15 degrees at which point it breaks off naturally.

You can rest assured that even in cold temperatures, you will not need to worry about your Fog Thief clogging up from drooling or freezing.