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How many times have you gone out on your snowmobile in those cold temperatures and had your vision blocked because your helmet visor was fogging up?

It is a big issue. If you can’t see through your shield, how are you going to enjoy your ride?

Everyone knows the fogging is cause by your breath. You can’t exactly stop breathing so you need some way to deal with this annoying and dangerous problem. There is a lot of advice out there that will tell you to use sprays or buy expensive heated visors for your helmet, wear special masks…They even tell you to crack your visor open a little for ventilation but that has it’s own consequences, too. To top it off, a little search on the internet will show you that most of these anti fogging methods just don’t work.

So how is a snowmobiler suppose to reduce or eliminate altogether this helmet visor fog problem?

The best help is Fog Thief.

Fog Thief fits right in most modern helmets to get rid of helmet fog
Fog Thief fits right in most modern helmets to get rid of helmet fog

While sprays are full of chemicals and require multiple applications, Fog Thief is chemical-free and doesn’t need to be re-applied over and over again. Other ant- fogging methods such as heated visors and masks cost a lot of money and can get quite expensive. Fog Thief is having a special price of $24.95 right now (normal price is $34.95).

The method of cracking your visor open to deal with the moist breath fog issue leaves you feeling freezing cold. Fog Thief slips right inside your helmet so that you don’t have to make any sacrifices to yourself.

Our Features and Benefitsdownloadable brochure and downloadable comparison chart will have full details.

Fog Thief really is the best solution for stopping fog from building up in your helmet.